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Gemstone Lash Trays

Gemstone Lash Trays

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Who doesn’t love color 🌈 

Take your sets to another level and allow your mind to get in full creation mode! Our color lash trays are VERY Vibrant and full of its color. No need to worry about that translucent dullness that gives no POP.

Our gemstone trays are NOT easy fan but are used for creating your own “handmade” fans. But no need to worry, we promise they fan beautifully! & pulling off the strip feelseffortlessly with our tweezers. Even better, the backing is foil that doesn’t leave that ugly residue on your lash tiles (beautiful marble tiles can be found in the lash extension supply section 😉).


- .07

-mixed length tray of 16 lines total

-Available in our D curl

-Highly Vibrant color

-MATTE soft finish

- Foil backing with no sticky residue


Your Color Lash Extensions made easier and prettier 💎

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